Smart Hotel Management System for Energy Saving, Room Automation and Supervision

Markab 3 • Software Domotica HCS

Hospitality building automation system for hotel supervision, alarms management, key cards access control and smart climatization


After an evolutionary process of over 10 years, the system is technically renewed with the latest Markab 3 version, maintaining the features of the previous versions and presenting new ones.
It is integrable with any hotel pms system for maximum efficiency.

Net Connection

No room control unit is required. The supported terminals are autonomous and if a network failure occurs, they keep working based on the memorized information.

Remote Control

Every significant event and the climatization of the building can be monitored remotely in real-time.

High Safety Standards

With real-time remote alarm control, every nonauthorized access attempt gets recorded and signaled to prevent a possible break-in.

Welcome Experience

Guests can be welcome by courtesy lights, fragrances and sound effects when they enter their rooms.


Our team can deliver aesthetic customizations and new features to satisfy any customer’s need.

Energy Saving

Average energy savings of 35%, depending on seasons and location.

Markab 3 • Software Domotica HCS

Additional Hotel Automation Features

Continuous Updates

Every new feature developed for an accommodation facility can be made available to all our Markab 3 customers.

Energy Saving 2.0

A movement sensor can be integrated with the room automation system to provide a higher energy cost reduction and a more thorough room supervision.


Bluetooth Access

Optimization for Bluetooth access via smartphone app and SMART DOOR.


Ethernet technology & compatibility

Markab works via Ethernet which is compatible with the latest Windows versions.

Markab 3 interface

Control Panel for hotel supervision and management

The system is controlled locally to prevent external threats and guarantee the highest security standards.

The software has gone through constant developments in the last 25 years to deliver a complete and smooth building automation experience.

The intuitive interface is designed to offer clear supervision of rooms and common areas.

Available with customizable room automation terminals


HCS' hotel automation systems are interfaced with the most popular hotel pms.

Softwares share data in real-time, providing a seamless holistic experience for hotel management. Human operators can work without worrying about missing or duplicating data, information is displayed and checked on both control panels.

Any PMS with Fidelio protocol is already interfaced with our software for hotel management. If any hotel management software hasn't been integrated yet, our experienced tech team will work on it in no time.

The followings are some of the PMS that are already interfaced with HCS' hotel automation systems:

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