Reliable and Intuitive Smart Room devices for Hotel Automation

HCS Moon

Moon can work both in network mode to provide detailed supervision and in standalone mode to cut installation costs.

Moon is the veteran among HCS’ devices. After having been refined for many years, Moon is now an extremely reliable and easy to use product line. Its user interface is intuitive, it allows guests to enjoy simple and effective commands. Moon is perfectly integrated with the new software for hospitality automation Markab 3, which enables Moon to provide a wide variety of advantages to the customers who adopt it.

The Standalone mode enables customers to cut costs by simplifying the installation. Terminals in standalone mode work independently without net connections needed for supervision. This mode is a must when rooms are widespread.

Lettore transponder esterno hotel Moon

External Transponder

Transponder terminal installed on the wall outside of the room, endowed with doorbell, do not disturb and alarm signals. Guests can open the door by bringing their card close to the device.

Lettore transponder interno Moon

Internal Transponder

Transponder terminal installed inside the room, near the door. It enables in-room services and the welcome experience, guests can use it to activate the do not disturb command. This device informs the control panel whether guests are in the room, if there are net connections.

Termostato intelligente per hotel Moon


Smart thermostat for a responsive climatization which reduces energetic costs and decrease the workload of the climatization unit in order to prolong its life. The device together with the software optimize temperature and ventilation speed on the basis of guests’ use of the room, ensuring guests enjoy the maximum comfort.

Terminals also available in white version
Lettore esterno per Hotel bianco Naboo
The operation involves an extension of delivery times, contact us to find out more.

The advantages of Moon Room Automation

Integrated Supervision

You can manage your hospitality facility from one or more workstations in real time, directly from the reception as well as remotely.

Rooms Access Control

The electronic keys allow clear accountability and real time events memorization, providing detailed information about the room accesses.

Energy Saving

The smart climate control adapts to guests’ usage of the room. It reduces energy costs while satisfying guests’ needs and ensuring their comfort. There is the possibility of integration with a movement sensor to further increase responsiveness and energetic efficiency.

Building Security

Guests’ safety is assured by the anti-theft system installed on doors and windows which offers the hotel management a straightforward and intuitive interface simplifying security operations.

Easy Installation

No invasive and time-consuming interventions are required, in accordance with the state of the building.

Maximum Comfort

Comfort is guaranteed by a range of features designed to charm your guests, like shutters and curtains controls, fragrances, light games, responsive climate control and any customization you can think of.


Continuous Updates

Every new feature developed for an accommodation facility can be made available to all our Markab 3 customers.

Energy Saving 2.0

A movement sensor can be integrated with the room automation system to provide a higher energy costs reduction and a more through room supervision.


Bluetooth Access

Optimization for Bluetooth access via smartphone app and SMART DOOR.


Ethernet technology & compatibility

Markab works via Ethernet which is compatible with the latest Windows versions.

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