Chalet Al Foss

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The guests of Chalet Al Foss can admire snowy mountains while being suspended between heaven and earth and bathing in warm pools. This chalet offers unique experiences with his 44 rooms, each one different from the other and with amazing views on the landscapes outside.

Alberto, the owner, is experienced in designing magical atmospheres where man and nature blend together. There is a reason if he has chosen HCS to design hotel automation solutions for his 44 rooms, picking the smart Cocover devices which are empowered by the building automation software Markab.

Hotel supervision, energy savings, comforts and higher security standards for guests are the main advantages offered by HCS domotic solutions. Cocover smart terminals are full touch screen and their elegant design had been realized by an Italian industrial design leader: Giugiaro.

Since 2005 Alberto relies on our expertise to welcome his guests with unforgettable experiences which enrich their special moments.

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