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The charming Sporthotel Rosatti is in Val di Sole, Trento, a must for hiking and mountains lovers. The Trent hospitality of the Sporthotel ensures guests enjoy every kind of comfort far from the hustle of the city.

For HCS, an hospitality building automation company whose values are innovation, Italian quality and sustainability, it has been a great pleasure to work with the Sporthotel. Since 2013 our domotic systems have managed the 72 rooms of the hotel and our agile and solution-oriented modus operandi has fully satisfied the hotelier, Riccardo.

Riccardo Rosatti wanted to enable his guests to manage 5 independent climatization areas in the suites of the Sporthotel. He first asked an industry leader, but despite the made promises this company could not deliver. Here we arrive, as HCS we won over Riccardo by perfectly implementing his vision.

In 2013 we have installed our automated hospitality solutions with the reliable Moon devices. Afterwards we have installed Cocover, whose unique style which has been designed by Giugiaro design, one of the leaders of Italian industrial design. Cocover offers higher degrees of customization thanks to a full touch interactive display and its elegant shape and appealing colors are consistent with the Sporthotel, which mixes pragmatism and elegance, nature and modernity.

HCS solutions and the Sporthotel are now an harmonious combination which provides refuge from the frenzy of the city while preserving its amenities.

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