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Real-Time Data Sharing: the secret weapon for Hotel Automation

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Data Sharing Between Management Software and Your Establishment: Hotel Automation as a Necessity in Modern Hospitality 

In the dynamic hospitality realm, hotel operations require a delicate balance between guest satisfaction and resource optimization. Manual data collection and analysis have long been the standard, but these methods often lead to inefficiencies, delays, and missed opportunities. Enter hotel automation systems – the revolution that transforms operations. They provide a centralized platform for real-time data collection and analysis. Hotel operations management can now make informed and swift decisions, thereby enhancing the service offered to guests

Information Gap: The Invisible Foe of Traditional Hotel Management

The manual collection of information across various systems or areas, or the challenge of contacting and locating scattered staff throughout the hotel, represents a common problem. Data and information are slow to arrive, and occasionally inaccurate, and valuable time is lost in routine operations. Time that entrepreneurs and managers know to be precious. Lacking real-time information means operating in the dark. Hotel directors and managers will struggle to identify key areas of interest or occupancy patterns, thus failing to optimize staff workflow. Staff, in turn, will waste time on monotonous tasks, navigating through the facility ‘in the dark.’ This translates into higher costs, missed opportunities, and slower guest service. Hotel Automation: A Smart Ecosystem to Boost Your Hospitality Business Integrate, Share, and Manage a Multitude of Data from a Single Platform. Data from PMS, management systems, CRM, room sensors, and even guest and staff behavior are all seamlessly brought together. This is invaluable data for any hotel manager. Even more so for those aiming for excellence. But what does all this mean in practice, you might ask. Well, here are 3 ways in which data sharing provided by hotel automation enhances your operational efficiency:  
1. Occupancy Monitoring
Constantly Monitor, Up-to-the-Second, the Occupancy Status of Your Property. Easily visualize information segmented by room, floor, and area. With a single glance, you’ll know how many rooms are sold and currently occupied by guests. Historical data to support analyses and forecasts is available, to satisfy even the most exigent managers. Historical data can be filtered by weeks, months, or years. They’re at your fingertips with a simple click. Harness this superpower to plan your supplies, events, and staff work effectively. Delight your guests by providing services that enhance, rather than interrupt, their activities. Having precise and timely information means all of this. It’s about taking action at the right moment and in the right way.  
2. Dynamic Data Visualization
Visualize Comprehensive Real-Time Information from a Single Interface. Every room and area of the facility, each automation, service, and element of your hospitality can be monitored, controlled, and managed from a single computer. Prevent issues and expedite their resolution. You can take action before guests even notice. Equip your staff with the best tools available: up-to-date and easily activatable information. Say goodbye to wasting time checking which windows are open before a storm – a click is all it takes. Forget about calling maintenance after guest complaints about air conditioning malfunctions – a click is all it takes. The benefits are so numerous that they can’t be all listed. Some are yet to be discovered. Hotel automation provides you with cutting-edge informational tools to enhance your capabilities. The limit? Your imagination.  
3. Energy Saving
Track Your Energy Consumption. Easily compare it over periods, years, or by areas of the facility. With straightforward data and intuitive filters, you can stay updated on consumption and related trends while enhancing the energy-saving mechanisms provided by the GRMS. Experiment by cross-referencing guest occupancy and behavioral data, implementing energy-saving logics tailored to your needs. Through a powerful yet simple configurator, you can finely define your vision. Compare consumption across various areas and discover what generates the best energy savings, continually improving your facility’s efficiency. Energy monitoring, and the subsequent reduction in consumption, provide three main advantages:
  • the opportunity to benefit from a greater number of public incentives;
  • contributing to a cleaner world;
  • reducing your hotel’s energy expenditure.
With integrated software systems, data monitoring, and automation in place, you can transform simple inputs into valuable insights. Act with a clear understanding of the situation. Get the most out of your facility. By cutting costs, you’ll offer the highest service standards to your guests, and they will appreciate it. To learn more about hotel automation systems and receive a free consultation, contact us at or call +39 02 382 022 82.  
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