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Surrounded by natural beauties, Hotel Tirreno is open all year long to welcome its guests. It is a strategic place for anyone looking to enjoy the seaside, sports, relax, and quality food & drinks.

The comfortable rooms enchant the guests with both lake and sea sights. They are next to the Tirreno Restaurant, the Almo Bar, and the bathing facilities.

The nearby picturesque medieval towns offer the opportunity to travel in a fairytale to the hotel’s guests.


The hotel ownership has chosen to adopt a complete hotel automation system. Among the required features, the most important are supervision, centralized management, energy saving, and two technologies to configure room access: contactless electric keycards & numpad.
The goal is clear: increasing both energy efficiency and guests’ comfort. Furthermore, the system has to get installed without invasive masonry or wiring the walls of the room.


The hotel ownership has chosen to rely on hotel automation experts.

The HCS team has satisfied all the hotel’s needs thanks to the flexibility of its solutions.

The modern Galileo product line has been picked to ensure effective room access management. The ultra-resistant smart devices in tempered glass, besides providing a high degree of aesthetic customization, enable guests to access rooms via numpad and keycards.
To reduce costs and masonry, the 2in1 Alcor device has been installed inside the room. This device works both as a digital thermostat and keycard holder. Wireless sensors are the finishing touch.

The result is an ahead-of-the-curve tech ecosystem. No need to wire the room walls or to drill them thanks to the 2in1 Alcor device and the battery-operated wireless sensors.

The modern rooms of Hotel Tirreno are now a prideful example of Italian hospitality building automation.

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